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Линолеум. Новинки весны уже в продаже!

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию новые коллекции бытовых и полукоммерческих ПВХ-покрытий: «Texart», «Inter» от производителя IVC; «Balance», «Imperia» от производителя Juteks; «Gladiator» от производителя Tarkett.

Обновление ассортимента в ковровых покрытиях!

Предлагаем Вашему вниманию обновленные дизайны в коллекции "Trafalgar" от производителя "BIG".

Landscape grass. New from the manufacturer "Vitebsk carpets"!

We present to your attention two collections of artificial grass - "Vitebsk grass 5 mm", as well as "Vitebsk grass 9 mm" from the manufacturer "Vitebsk carpets".

Rugs. Winter new 2019!

A new collection of carpets - "Star" from the Dutch manufacturer "Condor" is on sale.

Spring novelty: landscape grass!

We present to your attention a sub-section in carpeting - "Landscape grass" from the manufacturer Condor.

Landscaping successfully imitates the present. Each of the collections: "Aberdeen", "Doha", "Madrid", "Nicosia", "Utah", "Victoria" from the manufacturer Condor, - creates high comfort when walking. Landscape grass can be used for the following purposes: lawn, on the roof of the house, for children's playgrounds, on the terrace, for exhibitions and events, for decoration, etc.

Carpet cover. The novelties of spring are already on sale!

We bring to your attention two new collections of carpets: "Scrabble", "Twister" from the manufacturer BIG.

Novelty 2018 - Country Carpet from Tarkett VINISIN!

Thanks to a special "wooden" design, the Country Cover Collection creates a natural atmosphere in your home. Natural design and practical colors help light and easy care.

Why Country Carpet?

• natural design "under the tree";

• color gamma in natural shades;

• good wear resistance;

• promotes a quiet and warm atmosphere in the home;

• Provides safety when walking without risk of slipping.

A new practical solution for the house is the carpet PANORAMA!

The modern pace of life requires practical solutions. This also applies to interior design. We present to you an updated collection of carpet, from the manufacturer Tarkett VINISIN, which will make your home more comfortable - carpet Panorama!

A synonym for quality and practicality - needle-punched carpet Energy!

A practical and reliable floor solution in your home. For the traditional choice ... because tradition indicates quality. We present to your attention a new collection from the manufacturer Tarkett VINISIN - needle-punched carpeting "Energy"!

Novelties 2018 - woven tracks from the manufacturer "Vitebsk carpets"!

The collection "Infiniti" by right can be considered exquisite and noble. Thanks to its warm gray range, carpets from the Infiniti collection are able to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere, and to adjust to the business mood. If you are a person with a calm temper, who, above all, aspires to family comfort and home rest, then this collection is created for you.

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