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Novelty 2017 is ламинат of Kastamonu Floorpan: quickly, advantageously, reliably!

The novelties of spring 2017 are already on sale! We present to your attention the laminate FLOORPAN: Black, Red, Orange, Green from the leading Turkish manufacturer KASTAMONU.

The novelty of the spring of 2017. Design tiles "PlankIT"!

The "PlankIT" collection from the manufacturer "Grabo" is an excellent solution that allows opening new horizons, both in the design of your house and in public institutions.

Carpeting. New items from the manufacturers "Sintelon" and "Neva Taft"

In sale the new collection of carpet - "Dragon-thermo", "Lion-thermo", "Samba-thermo", "Safari thermo", "Spark-thermo", "Festa thermo", "Harmony-thermo" from producer "Sintelon", as well as the collection of "Teide", "Polo", "Kenya" and "Baby prints" from "Neva Taft" products.

New items in the carpet section - Vitebsk Carpets!

Vitebsk Carpets - a budget option, a wide variety of designs. They gipoalleregenny, well-cleaned and look great.

Discount on artificial grass - 10%!

We are pleased to inform you that from 09.14.16. on 10/14/16. discount on the artificial grass "Hockey" by BIG producer. Only here you can buy a collection of "Hockey" with a discount - 10%!

Natural linoleum of "Tarkett"

We present you the updated range of natural linoleum from the manufacturer "Tarkett" collection "Veneto".

PVC tiles. Collection "Lounge"

We present to you a unique collection of Art Vіlyl proizvolitelya "Tarkett". With a collection of "Lounge" to appreciate the endless possibilities Art Vinyl can not only in residential but also in commercial premises.

Fascinating laminate Gadgets!

Current trends, combining stylish and fashionable design. Meet the new collection this season: «Salzburg», «Superior», «SymBio», «Synchro-TE from the manufacturer «Kronostar».

Meet the luxury trends in linoleum!

We offer you three new collections of household linoleum - «MyFashion», «Space-It UP» and «Surfaces» from the manufacturer «IVC».

New items in the collections of TM "Tarkett"

Collection «Force» replenished with new modern trendy designs: Techno - honeycomb tile structure, which is very popular in ceramics and parquet. Canvas - Textiles, Orleans - gourmet board, Doha - crushed stone with geometric pattern. New designs are wonderfully suited to the modern style of the house and office interior.
All decors in widths of 3 m and 4 m, Design Canvas 1, Doha Orleans 1 and 4 also have a width of 3.5 m.

The collection «Premium» two new boards - Orleans classic and designer Komo, tiles and Sangria, wonderful design which emphasizes the effect of "living structure".
All colors in the widths of 3 m and 4 m, and one color Komo Orleans 3 also have a width of 3.5 m.

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